In Home Personal Training

I just wanted to express my appreciation for all the training you have given me during this last year.  I wanted to
express for your other potential clients my enthusiasm and positive results that I feel you have given me.   
Starting with your knowledge of  the body, you have instructed me  on how to work out each part of my body
and push me in a way that yield results without soreness.  Your knowledge of the body also includes the ability
of instructing me on what was making me gain weight and what I should avoid in order to lose weight.   I have
lost weight and my friends are telling me that I look great!   You know the fact that I was recently diagnosed with
Celiac Disease left me wondering what I could do and what I couldn't do but again your knowledge on the
subject was immense and you were able to help me with that as well.  I am continuing my workout routine that
you have laid out for me and am so happy to feel good about myself again.  Thank you so much!  I highly
reccommend you to anyone interested in feeling good about themselves.  

Nancy Fischer
V.P. Professional Process Servers & Investigators Inc.
Top Client Fitness
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