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Do you ever think about why you eat? The easy answers are because you are hungry, tired and your stomach is
rumbling. Sometimes you might also eat because you are bored, sad or happy, just because it's lunchtime, or
because that chocolate-covered donut looks so good.  There are some emotional and physical reasons why we
eat, but do you ever put much thought into why your body needs food? Not just any food, but healthy, good-for-
you food? Why is good nutrition important?

Good Nutrition Provides Energy

The foods you eat provide the energy your body needs to function. Just like you need to put fuel in your car or
recharge your cell phone battery, your body needs to be fed energy-providing foods every day.  A healthy diet will
give your body the right amount of energy, enough raw materials and all of the "little helpers" you need to stay
healthy. Good nutrition will also provide phytochemicals and antioxidants that will help keep you feeling young,
looking great, and perhaps even disease-free. A bad diet will give you too many or too few calories, not enough
vitamins and minerals, and will actually make you need more of the antioxidants that you aren’t getting.

Top Client Fitness I will work with you to develop a nutrition plan specific to you that  will help maximize your
calorie burn providing you with the energy you need to live the lifestyle you desire.  My nutrition plan will work in
concert with the exercise program I develop specifically for you.
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